Hegemony Server Rules

Hegemon Owner posted Jan 17, 16

Last Updated: 29/06/2016

  1. Mini-Modding is Prohibited

    Mini-Modding is when players who are not staff members trying to enforce the rules on other players. If a player breaks a rule, there is no need for you to enforce the rules, merely use the report system and wait for a staff member to deal with it.

  2. Advertising is Prohibited

    Advertising constitutes acts of mentioning other servers in any form with the malicious intent of damaging the well-being or interests of the server. Mentioning of other servers and their content is permissible on grounds of conversation, comparison or discussion without intent to harm the server.

  3. The Exploitation, Concealment and Proliferation of Glitches is Prohibited

    Exploitation are acts of using unintended errors or issues in the game (glitches) for personal gain to the detriment of the server. Concealment involves acts of or attempts to conceal the existence of glitches to server administrators. Proliferation involves acts that spread knowledge on how to replicate the conditions of the glitch for the purpose of exploitation.

  4. Landscape and Structure Griefing are Prohibited

    Any acts of construction of any structure or destruction of landscape that serves no functional, practical or aesthetic purpose constitutes Landscape Griefing. Any destruction of other player’s constructions with intent of destroying the aesthetic, practical or functional value of the construction in question constitutes Structure Griefing.

  5. Defamation and Harassment are Prohibited

    The act of making false statements with malicious intent to damage another player’s reputation constitutes Defamation. Harassment involves acts by an individual or individuals which includes and is not limited to acts of communication towards another player with the intent of causing said player hurt or humiliation, this does not include civil arguments or debates over opposing points of view.

  6. Promoting, Posting and Sharing of Inappropriate Content is Prohibited

    The promotion of, the posting of content of and the sharing of links that lead to Objectionable Material which offends or disturb individuals which includes but is not limited to: Extreme Violence, Pornography or Overtly Sexual Content and Racism are Illegal. Links to Phishing Websites, Browser Hijackers and Viruses also fall under Inappropriate Content and the promotion of and linking to of these abovementioned content is Illegal.

  7. Scamming and Committing Fraud are Prohibited

    Any acts of gaining value which includes but is not limited to services, items and money from other individuals through deception constitutes scamming and is Illegal. Any acts of gaining anything of monetary value outside of the server which includes but is not limited to Webstore Purchases through criminal deception constitutes Fraud and is punishable by the laws of the country of your residence.

  8. Malicious Acts and Behaviour are Prohibited

    Any action or behaviour with the malicious intent of causing detriment to the interests and well-being of the server and/or its Community is Illegal. These actions includes but is not limited to Advertising with Malicious Intent, Spamming, Harassment and Defamation of the server.