We pledge to be an ethical server that does not give any paying player tangible ingame advantages. Our goal is to create a truly inclusive, supportive and friendly community that even after our players stop playing our server due to real life commitments, they can look back and see it as an experience they can be fond of. We hope that our players create lifelong friendships from their shared experience in our beautifully crafted renaissance world.

We do not aim just to be a place for players to kill their idle time, but we strive to make everyone's experience one where you can learn either life lessons from other communtiy members as well as facts, stories and the history about the late medieval - early renaissance era of Europe.

We hope to inspire an appreciation for beautiful things, to hope to encourage creativity and friendship amongst our players. That is why we hold our concepts, updates and builds ingame to the highest of standards.

Let this be a start of something beautiful for both us and you.