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Weekend Plan

Hegemon Owner posted Nov 1, 18

Hello everyone!

1.13 is steaming along successfully and we should be done at the end of this weekend, but instead of closing and not opening again, we'll open this weekend and give everyone a chance to gather gear, level up before allowing the testing of a boss fight and custom enchantments feature.

Check Discord announcements for exact times!
(Server is still on 1.12.2 for this weekend)

2.2.0 Development Update

Hegemon Owner posted Oct 26, 18

Hey all!

As you can all see from the changelogs we are making very impressive progress with 2.2.0. However due to the complexity of updating to 1.13 where much of Minecraft base code has changed, we need another 1 - 2 weeks in order to complete it.

Opening up in weekend would distract resources from getting 2.2.0 ready which is why there will not be an opening this weekend.

However we WILL be opening for 1 hour or so and would invite anyone interested to participate in a boss fight for video purposes, giving you a chance to experience boss summoning and boss combat!

Just hit love on the relevant announcement in discord to register your interest and a time will be announced sometime soon!

Version 2.2.0

Hegemon Owner posted Oct 12, 18

Hello everyone!

We have an extremely busy 2 weeks coming up where the server will be under heavy development implementing features such as:

- Updating to 1.13
- Farming
- Bosses
- Tournaments
- Rentals
- Customizing Rentals
- Farming
- Overhaul of Tutorial
- Treasure Trials
- Custom Enchantments
- Complete Shop Balance
- Complete Mob Balance
- Huge Quest Updates

and more!

This version has been internally referred to as working version 2.2.0 and we will be pushing hard in these 2 weeks to finally polish and create content that our new code and backend infrastructure now supports!

A full changelog will be posted on release and to compensate the recent erratic weekend openings, the server will be open for 2 weeks instead of just weekends after launch.

Thanks to everyone who is supporting us on Patreon!

Behind the Scenes - October

Hegemon Owner posted Oct 2, 18

Hey everyone!

We've had a very productive month getting many mechanics complete which are now under testing before implementation as a game mechanic. Groups and ranks have been implemented and will be tested soon, quests to rank up will be implemented as soon as we get the quest system overhauled into the new system. 

The quest system overhaul unlocks a lot of power in terms of what mechanics we can offer, among which includes Treasure Trails, jobs and other clearer distinguishing of daily tasks from quests as well as a working quest journal. Once the objective system is done we will be very keen to test out abandoned vaults and their corresponding enchants which have all been coded and ready for implementation as a game mechanic.

The decay system implemented will allow certain rare items to decay such as ones with future enchants and also light sources such as torches to be able to be crafted and used.

The other major system that also has been recently complete is the farming system which will go undergo testing as soon as I return home from my holiday. This unlocks a lot of items and we will implement farmer peasants that drop a variety of farming items as well as farmers which you can pickpocket for rare seeds and other farming supplies.

A Champion summoning and combat mechanic is in the midst of being added. We will likely post a supplementary news post this month as I am currently away from home and it is not completely convenient to shoot videos, do screenshots.

See you soon!


Hegemon Owner posted Sep 20, 18

Hello everyone!

Our Patreon is now up and those that want to help contribute to server development can.

The project has had at least 35,000 man hours put into it with 25,000 of those hours being volunteer hours (including my time) and $40,000 USD put into the project. We have a large development team of coders, writers, artists and level designers and commission art assets, music or terrain from independent contractors and in the past this has all this has been paid for out of my income from my day job. However the team has now grown to a size and to a point where retaining talent is now beyond the means of my income.

Donations go completely and directly towards server development in roughly the following proportion:

  • Coding Features - 60%
  • Art/Music Assets - 30%
  • Level Design (World) - 10%

The reason why Level Design is so low is that it is a one off non-recurring cost once the world is painted (so don't sweat goody).

2 bugs to fix before we open this weekend
i agree. you guys put in so much work for us <3
Just wanted to say I appreciate you guys working hard for us!
Jakub check discord daily
This week will be a weekday opening due to WE 2.0 delays
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