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Development Weekend

Hegemon Owner posted May 4, 18

Hey guys,

We're still working on rolling out Items 2.0, a few minor bugs to fix now and integration with existing plugins which is 2-3 hours more work. We're also going to be rolling out Combat 2.0 but we're going to take the weekend to do this. This means that there will be no playtesting this weekend.

Instead next weekend you will all have the following to look forward to:

- Custom Equip Slots
- Tool Belts
- Rebalanced Combat
- Rolls on Items
- Customizing Rental Furniture
- Pickpocket and Drops fleshed out

Looking forward to seeing everyone trying these new features!

Behind the Scenes - May

Hegemon Owner posted Apr 30, 18

Hello everyone!

We didn't quite get everything in time last month especially quest wise, we have a new writer now and the script for one of the new quests has been written, it will be imported as a quest in May --- this is one of the key storyline quests for the region.

Anyways, this month's behind the scenes will be a bit light on screens as we've either already shown you guys the progress or it is not ready for showing yet.

There is very good news, Items 2.0 is almost ready, we will be converting everyone's banks and items to the new format --- rest assured your legacy items will be converted to the new format upon login so no items will be lost.

This new system is due for initial testing mid this week, where we will test all aspects of the server, the result is that the process is much cleaner and smoother on the backend and allows us to enable the following immediately:

- Custom rolls on equipment

This means when you craft something, the values you get for example the accuracy of the weapon, damage, defence value or movespeed malus/bonus is randomized, perfect stat gear will be harder to craft --- this replaces masterwork variants of weapons.

This also paves the way for us to enchant the custom enchantment system which is scheduled to be due in mid-May. This will tie in with our clue scrolls and abandoned vault system due in during the second half of this month. You will be able to find both powerful and useful items such as ones that gives you chance to mine double the ore, snatch bait from fish etc.

Other mechanics such as farming and customizing rentals are progressing nicely too and should be implemented this month as well.

Planned Content Updates

We plan the following content for this month:

- Storyline Quest x 1
- Regional Quest x 2
- More Structures for Innsbruck
- Leatherworking
- Combat Rebalance (Formulas all written, balancing individual gears now)
- Light emitting items (With decay)
- Treasure Trials
- 10 Custom Enchanments
- Leather Armour
- More NPCs
- More Ores (Potentially a new Coal Mine)

Looking forward to a productive month! Lot's of screenshots and news updates incoming this month due to a lack of screenshots in this post.

Development Update

Hegemon Owner posted Apr 26, 18

Hello everyone,

Quick update on how things are going, our base plugin is almost updated to 2.0, we just have to integrate it into existing plugins. The reason why this update is so important is that this allows us to let smithed and looted gear to have random values and is integral to our combat update planned for this month.

Things are slightly delayed due to unforeseen issues, and the update might not be rolled out until early May. Rental customization and farming is also coming along nicely, we hope to implement the systems fully mid-May.

Also due in mid-May will be custom equipment, toolbelts, custom enchantments, clue scrolls and treasure trials. More details will be given in our upcoming behind the scenes post.

Builds wise we just added another structure to Innsbruck: Warehouse.
Here are some screens for your enjoyment, be sure to check it out yourself in the next open weekend!

Combat Overhaul

Hegemon Owner posted Apr 18, 18

Hello all!

As you all know, as part of our items overhaul, where we are redoing the way items are created (backend) to enable really nifty things such as the values on weapons such as the accuracy being randomized between a certain range for each weapon, we are also rewriting the combat formula.

It is now at a point where we're comfortable with discussing the mechanics behind the new system which will be implemented ingame in 1 - 2 weeks.

The old system had two issues:

- Too reliant on the value on gear
- Huge power spikes between gear and level

This would result in situations for example where a maxed character would miss if not using any weapons most of the time when fighting extremely low level mobs.

Our new system places a more balanced approach to combat and it equally draws upon level and your gear and a special component with an extremely complex formula that balances the two before arriving at the exact attack and defence rating that you have.

This means that a player that isn't holding a weapon but has 99 attack would basically still be able to hit through say Lv. 45 mobs, this also means that lower level characters also has a higher chance to hit high levels and theoriticalyl 6 Lv. 45s can beat a Lv. 99 in combat due to reducing the power spike between different armour and weapon tiers.

All in all to make more compelling and equal-fielded combat and enhance the mob killing experience.

At this point we have the base formula done for the benchmarks for attack levels and various tiers of gear the next steps are the following:

- Balancing each weapon type against the benchmark
- Balancing each armour type against the benchmark
- Replace weapons and armours with the new item types that have random rolls
- Rebalance all the combat stats of mobs
- Rebalance all the drops of mobs
- Rebalance the price of all shop items that are mob drops
- Rebalance the price of all shop items that use mob drops as an ingredient

So still around 30-40 man hours of work to go but it all should be done by the end of this month!

Behind the Scenes - April

Hegemon Owner posted Apr 3, 18

We wanted to wait a couple of days after April 1st so that this post would not be misunderstood as an April Fool's joke.
This focus of this month's content update primarily focuses on the overhauling of the items system to allow support for many future features.

The rough plan features wise is still:

- Overhaul items which then unlocks:
1) Custom rolls 2) Custom enchantments 3) Treasure Trials system

- World Engine
There has been some delays with bug fixes to do with rentals, modifier files and region descriptions and some fishing issues. We will be dealing with this asap (mid this week) so we can move onto:
1) Hotspots (allows customization of rentals) and 2) Farming (using seeds to plant things - very useful)

Content update wise we have a lot planned with a heavy focus on herblore, including the very useful utility potions for increasing move speed and arm swing speed so definitely a skill worth investing in.

This is the tentative plan for this month:

- Implement 20 new herbs (already done at the time of this post)
- Implement 50 potions and their recipes
- New mobs: Jaeger, Bandits, Longbowman, Cows, Pigs, Ducks, Outlaws, Lumberer, Salt Miner, Salt Guards
(We will be fleshing out the outlaw's settlement).
- New shops
(Including a bartering system for the outlaw settlement where you would be able to get valuable herbs...if you earn their trust)
- At least 5 new quests, 3 will be based in Schonsee, and potentially up to 4 at the outlaws village.
- A major storyline quest
- Pathing between Alpine and Farming region (already done as of this post)
- Construction of a Lumber Hamlet (already done as of this post)
- More outlying hamlets between Schonsee and the Outlaw Settlement
- NPCs wise we will be implementing: The Graf, Lumberjacks, Miners, Longbowmen, Jaegers, Lumbercamp Foreman
- New Crafting Station (Sawbench)
- New Recipes Carpentry (will be needed for customizing rentals with furniture)
- Treasure Trials
- Boss Summoning Mechanics
- Custom Enchantments (eg chance to use less coal when smelting)
- Custom Equip Slots for Gloves, Rings and Necklaces
- Complete combat formula and value overhaul
- Tournament Arena Mechanics
- A few more buildings for Innsbruck (Warehouse, Cathedral and Bank)
- Overhauling herb drops (already implemented as of this post)
- Creating more rentals
- Implementing custom music
- Implementing leatherworking and leather armours
- Various bug fixes
- Implemented an extremely beautiful and big hearted Princess

This is an extremely tight schedule considering we have ~6 quests planned, which means almost 2 released per week! (each quest takes approximately 20 man hours to implement).

All in all a very busy and exciting month for us, see you all ingame!
Heres some screenshots of the woodcutting hamlet which was recently completed which includes a certain "establishment"

__MrMeeseeks Annalist once farming is released the journey of farmer meeseeks shall begin!
2 bugs to fix before we open this weekend
i agree. you guys put in so much work for us <3
Just wanted to say I appreciate you guys working hard for us!
Jakub check discord daily
This week will be a weekday opening due to WE 2.0 delays
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