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Hegemon Ownero
Hegemon @ Hegemony
posted Sep 20, 18

Hello everyone!

Our Patreon is now up and those that want to help contribute to server development can.

The project has had at least 35,000 man hours put into it with 25,000 of those hours being volunteer hours (including my time) and $40,000 USD put into the project. We have a large development team of coders, writers, artists and level designers and commission art assets, music or terrain from independent contractors and in the past this has all this has been paid for out of my income from my day job. However the team has now grown to a size and to a point where retaining talent is now beyond the means of my income.

Donations go completely and directly towards server development in roughly the following proportion:

  • Coding Features - 60%
  • Art/Music Assets - 30%
  • Level Design (World) - 10%

The reason why Level Design is so low is that it is a one off non-recurring cost once the world is painted (so don't sweat goody).

Behind the Scenes - September

Hegemon Ownero
Hegemon @ Hegemony
posted Sep 8, 18

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the belated news update but we wanted to make sure there was considerable content ready before writing about what we have been working on and what we have planned for this month. Lets go through the very exciting game updates first!

We have begun work on the abandoned vaults system and most of the external code is now ready, we just need to polish some things and wait for our quest system rewrite (offers a lot more features and better GUI management of quests) before we start letting mobs in Europa drop "Tattered Maps" which will send those lucky enough to loot them on amazing adventures to find buried keys.

These keys can then be used on a corresponding abandoned vault that the original owner of the key has long since forgotten. Will you find some powerful weapons? Or precious treasure? Or some insanely valuable family heirlooms?

More news on this and custom durability, custom enchantments like "Chance to use 1 less coal when smelting" soon! (Also check out them sexy new menu icons)

We have almost finishing up polishing World Engine 2.0 and that means that advanced region customization, rentals and removal of barriers and implementing actual fool-proof region barriers!

Speaking of environmental things, our Ambience plugin is just about complete, if you logon, you will be pleased to hair our custom server OST playing. We will be integrating it into World Engine shortly in order to provide a seamless experience by dictating what locations and conditions must be fulfilled for certain pieces to play, as all these were composed with a location in a server and an activity in mind.

We are also working on making rental systems more robust by limiting how much of each property you can rent at once based on your ranking and quest state. Customization of furnitures and creating workbenches will be online shortly as well, as a side effect of this, you will only be allowed to use furnaces that are public or owned by you to cook your food. To compensate, we will be implementing firemaking and cooking food on open fires.

Builds wise we are going extremely well, with 3 more structures in Innsbruck complete, reimplementation of the Bank of Innsbruck (it also got spruced up to better match nearby structures) and the implementation of Hofkirche.

We plan on starting on a huge building spree in Innsbruck based on the following plan, to get the central commercial district at least 30% complete:

All in all, a very action packed and productive first week of September. For the remainder of the month we plan on the following features:

- New combat formulas implemented
- Quest system update
- Rental customization
- Abandoned Vaults and Treasure Keys
- Construction of Innsbruck
- Custom enchatns and durability
- Construction of a Monastary (on the Alpine hills)
- One new Hamlet
- Various new mobs, shops and NPCs

Looking forward to a productive September!

Behind the Scenes - August

Hegemon Ownero
Hegemon @ Hegemony
posted Aug 1, 18

This month we're mainly focusing on two things:

- Improving backend systems for more optimizations and features 
- Updating everything to 1.13

Lots of behind the scenes backend stuff that will not translate to gameplay in the short term but very worth doing.

We are also making good progress on Innsbruck with the addition of several new merchant houses as well as preparation of integrating the Bank and the Church from the previous Innsbruck design into the current design, lots of construction work coming!

Hope everyone is having a great summer break!

Behind the Scenes - July

Hegemon Ownero
Hegemon @ Hegemony
posted Jul 12, 18

Apologies for the late Behind the Scenes update but we wanted to wait for some critical features to be in place before announcing it to everyone.

Earlier this month we implemented the much anticipated custom equipment system which also includes the toolbelt which is a very nice quality of life feature for everyone, you can place up to 4 tools in your toolbelt and they will be as if in your inventory when crafting.

Builds wise we are working on Innsbruck and added a new structure as well as two more planned structures for the town. We will also begin work on one more Hamlet, a burg and monastry.

Code wise we hope to make a start on the revamping of the objectives system, and continue working out the bugs in the equipment system and polish off rental and rent customization systems and make a start on farming.

Art wise we are going well we ordered some pretty nifty GUI buttons and also armour set art so look forward to a texture pack update soon! 

Development Plan

Hegemon Ownero
Hegemon @ Hegemony
posted Jun 9, 18

Hello folks, this is going to be a long post, so long that it would be more fitting as this month's Behind the Scenes post.

As you all know in the last few weeks we have been working extremely hard to completely rewrite the way NPCs are handled, from how they are created, their animations, their pathing, their AI, the way we apply apperances, their display names and such were completely overhauled and had to be tied into all our existing custom features (which is the difficult bit).

We're happy to announce that this is finally finished! All bugs are sorted and now we are moving onto new features. As you all know the first step of combat overhaul has been complete with weapon stats completely changed and also lots of things optimized quality of life wise, with weapon reach and such greatly buffed, attack speeds increased for more action paced combat and most recently weapons having different rolls, which makes weaponsmithing and armoursmithing much more interesting!

The next step is the following (quite a large task as well)
- Hitsplats to show your damage
- Displaying recently hit mob's life
- Boss fights
- Implementing the new formulas on live
- Rebalancing mob stats according to new formulas
- Creation of tonnes more mobs

This also includes our plan to make the Tournament Grounds up and running we have aproximately 10% of the skins required for that area complete.

More details on this game mechanic to come soon, heres a sneak peek of one of the tournament champions that you will be able to summon and challenge (for great prizes, cluescrolls and decorative armour sets)!

Another major update for this month will be the custom equipment, custom enchant and abandoned vaults system. Custom equipment allows equipping more things beyond vanilla, such as gloves (recipes to be released soon), amulets, rings, trinkets and of course the toolbelt.

Custom enchantments are things such as "1% chance to mine double the ore", "3% chance to snatch the bait off the fish", "1% chance to use less coal in smelting" and so on. These can be found as rare drops or rewards for the abandoned vault system.

Abandoned vaults will be a new system, where through combat, fishing and pickpocketing you can recieve "Clue Scrolls" which lead to where a NPC has hidden a key to a bank vault they own. You will be able to open these at any bank and recieve awesome prizes such as money, materials, items, gear and of course items with the new custom enchant on them.

Thanks everyone for your continued support!

Heres a video on when the Hegemony was just in the prototyping stage and we were using completely public plugins and were just starting on prototyping the custom items system - so way before even when the server was only just a furnace, and we would only open for short tours where we would spawn in some custom items like fruit one week, meat the next:

2 bugs to fix before we open this weekend
i agree. you guys put in so much work for us <3
Just wanted to say I appreciate you guys working hard for us!
Jakub check discord daily
This week will be a weekday opening due to WE 2.0 delays
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