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Behind the Scenes - April

By Hegemon Owner - Posted Apr 8, 19

Hey everyone!

We're making huge progress this month with lots of technical behind the scenes updates such as improving server performance, fixing a login lag that and also lag from woodcutting.

This month we're working on polishing off the land claiming mechanic, I am sure all of you are super excited from the teaser's we've posted in our discord chat.

We finished making the tech for our friend list system and also the tech that enables us to create tattered parchments that leads to treasure!

Innsbruck is chugging along swiftly too with 25% of the structures completed (we're not quite ready to show it off yet). We've scheduled as mentioned earlier polishing land claiming mechanics and also either the mounts or companions system for this month, stay tuned.

Looking forward to an amazing month!

2 bugs to fix before we open this weekend
i agree. you guys put in so much work for us <3
Just wanted to say I appreciate you guys working hard for us!
Jakub check discord daily
This week will be a weekday opening due to WE 2.0 delays
You do not have access to shout.
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