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Development Weekend

By Hegemon Owner - Posted May 4, 18

Hey guys,

We're still working on rolling out Items 2.0, a few minor bugs to fix now and integration with existing plugins which is 2-3 hours more work. We're also going to be rolling out Combat 2.0 but we're going to take the weekend to do this. This means that there will be no playtesting this weekend.

Instead next weekend you will all have the following to look forward to:

- Custom Equip Slots
- Tool Belts
- Rebalanced Combat
- Rolls on Items
- Customizing Rental Furniture
- Pickpocket and Drops fleshed out

Looking forward to seeing everyone trying these new features!

2 bugs to fix before we open this weekend
i agree. you guys put in so much work for us <3
Just wanted to say I appreciate you guys working hard for us!
Jakub check discord daily
This week will be a weekday opening due to WE 2.0 delays
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