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What We're Working On

By Hegemon Owner - Posted Mar 18, 18

Hello everyone, 

Small update on what we're currently working on:

Builds wise we are sneaking time to work on Innsbruck here and there, we're glad to announce that Innsbruck Town Hall has been completed as well as a small section of the Inns River (where the Town Hall is).

We'll be working on various other structures in Innsbruck as well as new Alpine Hamlets at the same time as well as a very cool Monastry high up in the mountains where the monks farm their own hops and brew various alcohol! (We'll be adding more Alcohol into the game too)

Plugin wise heres a quick summary on what is getting completed late this weekend:

- Renting
- Rent Customization (Furniture/Decor)
- Custom Tablist (Displays your levels too)
- Sitting / Sleeping on things

Here are what we are working on this coming week:

- Tournament Arena
- Treasure Trails System
- Custom Equip Slots
- Toolbelt System
- Custom Enchants (eg chance to mine 2x the coal)
- Boss Summoning

Looking forward to lots of content next weekend!

Here are some more townhall screenshots:

2 bugs to fix before we open this weekend
i agree. you guys put in so much work for us <3
Just wanted to say I appreciate you guys working hard for us!
Jakub check discord daily
This week will be a weekday opening due to WE 2.0 delays
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