Staff Conduct and Requirements

Hegemon Ownero
Hegemon @ Hegemony
posted Jan 20, 16

The quality of a server’s staff is one of the most essential elements to a successful server, we aim to have a highly professional and trained team that will be fully able to assist players during their time on the server and make the server experience much more enjoyable. We have publicly posted the expected conduct and training required to be part of our staff team so that players too have an idea on what we expect of and how staff should behave.

A vibrant community starts with a professional, objective and fair administration with staff who are appointed based on their merit as opposed to favouritism.

Development Staff – Code of Conduct

Develop staff represent the face of the server and the conduct of development staff reflects the image of the server, as such the development team are held to very high standards of conduct and professionalism:

  • Possess a professional attitude
  • Approachable to community
  • Forthcoming in addressing queries
  • Diplomatic when interacting with community
  • Patient in difficult situations
  • Relationships / Friendships kept discreet
  • Objectivity when interacting with community
  • Rational and objective consideration of suggestions
  • Writing in correct case and with correct grammar

Development staff must strive to engage the community with what they are working on to receive varied feedback and suggestions. This of course does not mean you have to placate every suggestion, merely consider suggestions rationally and give constructive reasons on why it is not possible. Objectivity must be maintained when interacting with community, this does not mean you cannot have friends, merely to treat the community and its queries equally and to keep your relationships and friendships discreet.

Development Staff – Requirements

In order to be officially inducted into the development team the individual has to complete the following training modules:

  • Professional Development Module 101 – Professionalism
  • Professional Development Module 102 – Tact

And the relevant module(s) from the following list:

  • Skills Module 101 – A History of Architecture
  • Skills Module 102 – Architectural Principles
  • Skills Module 103 – Terrain Utilization
  • Skills Module 104 – Practical Design
  • Skills Module 105 – Advanced Architectural Techniques
  • Skills Module 106 – Advanced Interior Techniques
  • Skills Module 107 – Advanced Terraforming Techniques
  • Skills Module 201 – YAML
  • Skills Module 202 – Items Archiving
  • Skills Module 203 – Recipes Archiving
  • Skills Module 301 – Lore Design
  • Skills Module 302 – Character Design
  • Skills Module 401 – Artistic Style

The candidate for development staff will typically be given sufficient time to cover the required material before sitting a written and practical examination on professional development modules as well as creating a relevant piece of work using newly acquired skills from their relevant modules.

In-game Staff – Code of Conduct

In addition to the professional requirements that development staff are held to, as Advisors also represent the server in-game, there are a few aspects of professionalism where Advisors are held to a higher standard, the following are emphasized:

  • Objectivity when interacting with community
  • Diplomatic when interacting with community
  • Friendships kept extremely discreet
  • Friendly and approachable to community
  • Respectable conduct at all times
  • Patience and poise under pressure

Non-platonic relationships with players are discouraged but not forbidden under the condition that you notify administration and keep the relationship absolutely discreet.

In-game Staff – Requirements

In-game staff first have to be part of the development team in order to be aware of the many custom features and content the server provides and being on the development team equips the individual to answer player questions. Advisors staff will also be required to balance their time between Advisor role and their development role. In order to qualify as in-game staff the following modules must be completed:

  • Professional Development Module 103 – Communication
  • Professional Development Module 104 – Community Management
  • Professional Development Module 105 – Customer Services
  • Professional Development Module 201 – Advanced Professionalism
  • Professional Development Module 202 – Advanced Tact

Support Staff – Code of Conduct

Support staff are responsible for handling support tickets and have much less personal interaction with the community but are held to an even higher standard in the following areas:

  • Objectivity when handling tickets
  • Clarity of expression
  • Patience under pressure
  • Writing professionally

Support staff are a valuable aspect of the server but most often support tickets are high in volume and tickets are of an irate nature, staying objective and calm is essential in this role.

Support Staff – Requirements

As with in-game staff, support staff need to first be part of the development team to be fully aware of server content and mechanics in order to answer questions. Support staff will also need to balance between their roles on the development team and answering support tickets. To quality the following modules must be complete:

  • Professional Development Module 106 – Customer Support
  • Professional Development Module 201 – Advanced Professionalism
  • Professional Development Module 202 – Advanced Tact
  • Professional Development Module 203 – Advanced Customer Services