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Behind the Scenes - April

Hegemon Owner posted Apr 8, 19

Hey everyone!

We're making huge progress this month with lots of technical behind the scenes updates such as improving server performance, fixing a login lag that and also lag from woodcutting.

This month we're working on polishing off the land claiming mechanic, I am sure all of you are super excited from the teaser's we've posted in our discord chat.

We finished making the tech for our friend list system and also the tech that enables us to create tattered parchments that leads to treasure!

Innsbruck is chugging along swiftly too with 25% of the structures completed (we're not quite ready to show it off yet). We've scheduled as mentioned earlier polishing land claiming mechanics and also either the mounts or companions system for this month, stay tuned.

Looking forward to an amazing month!

Behind the Scenes - March

Hegemon Owner posted Mar 3, 19

Hello everyone!

We had an extremely productive month of development, version 2.4.0 is coming along steadily and we will be doing a preliminary QA pass on our player region claim and management code in the coming weeks!

Expect more teasers regarding player owned regions, and the wild world in the coming days! We will also be beginning work on the cutscenes plugin as well as companions for 2.4.0 and these are coming along now.

The biggest progress we made is with builds, Innsbruck has been completely planned and construction has begun! Relatively short news update this month as many of the things we want to show off are slated for mid-late March.

Keep an eye on changelogs channel for news updates!
(Content wise we're working on implementing vocations and clue scrolls this month too)

In the meantime here are some screenshots of Innsbruck progress!

Behind the Scenes - February

Hegemon Owner posted Feb 7, 19

Hey guys!

Hope you guys loved our 2.3.0 update, renting, farming and carpentry. We will be polishing the content some more by adding:

- Buying farm animals for your rentals
- More furnitures
- Friends list
- Allowing friends to use your rentals etc
- More mobs
- Clue scrolls
- Quests
- More custom enchants

Lots of content coming in versions 2.3.3 and 2.3.4 which are what we are working on now!

Custom farming is fully working, we will be adding "Short Rent" farm plots which you can rent and farm in due to the limited supply of Farmsteads that can be rented.

Recently we also added Subbitumous Coal which means higher quality gear can be smithed, it can be found in a large open pit mine in the farming valley.

We also added many new furnitures and decorations that you can build in your homes!

All in all, stay tuned for more quests, jobs and cluescrolls by the end of the month as well as many quality of life updates and bug fixes!

We will  be making a post after 2.3.4 is finished and we start working on 2.4.0 on exactly what 2.4.0 entails! But a short teaser for now: Buying land, Wild World and Companions (played owned NPCs)

Behind the Scenes - January

Hegemon Owner posted Jan 26, 19

Hello everyone!

Very belated Behind the Scenes post as we have been so busy with implementing Content Update 2.3.0 and the subsequent patches 2.3.1, 2.3.1a and 2.3.1b that we have not had time to type up a news post.

The new streamlined and slick tutorial really helps in introducing newcomers to our complex game mechanics and have been great for retention, there will most likely be more quests in the future involving Lena!

We are very glad to see everyone enjoying this content update so much and a big welcome to new players! We are extremely pleased with how well we were able to implement everything on time and seeing everyone customize their houses, engaging with the new quest lines and rank up systems.

Farming still has some issues and bugs that we will be smoothing out in Patch 2.3.2 which we aim to have done by the end of this long weekend, the patch will also hopefully include our first job quests, more hotspots and decorations for your properties and mobs. We might also introduce another quest during this time based on how quickly we can get models for the quest NPCs ready.

This quest which is already under way code wise is one of the storyline quests where players will be able to actually influence the politics an events that happen ingame --- so make your choices wisely.

All in all a very successful January, hope everyone is having fun!

The next Behind the Scenes will be in 4 days time where we will go through our planned content and rough schedule for Content Update 2.4.0.

Merry Christmas!

Hegemon Owner posted Dec 24, 18

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hope everyone is spending quality time with friends and family. Unfortunately during testing the 2.3.0 patch we found a critical issue that causes corruption of rentals (and later discovered this extended to tasks/quests). 

This means that we will need 1 more week to fix these issues before bringing 2.3.0 live. This also gives us more time to implement more content and features as well!

Stay tuned.

2 bugs to fix before we open this weekend
i agree. you guys put in so much work for us <3
Just wanted to say I appreciate you guys working hard for us!
Jakub check discord daily
This week will be a weekday opening due to WE 2.0 delays
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