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Rental and Farming Teaser

Hegemon Owner posted Sun at 3:50

Hey everyone!

A little teaser to tide everyone over before 2.3.0 releases, we are showing off a seed item, the new quest GUI, one of the new fixtures you can build in houses you rent, a farmstead and an explanation how various tiers of housing will work.

There will be various types of housing, the ones you typically find in Hamlets and Villages are Cottages ranging from Humble, Modest, Impressive and Lavish. Different types of properties offer different things, cottages for example can hold more beds (ties in with Companion system in 2.4.0), workshops have more slots for workstations and farmsteads have unique uses such as personal farmland, and hotspots to raise animals in. You'll need higher ranks to rent in certain locations and rent certain tier housing.

Below is an example of a Modest Farmstead that comes with 40 allotment tiles and 10 herb patch tiles as well as an attached barn to raise an animal type of your choice in. 

Herb Seed

Rental Fixture - Cupboard (Generates Bowls)

Quest GUI

Hello everyone!

We're proud to announce the date of our planned 2.3.0 content expansion that will come online on December 14th. We have been working on this update for the good part of the last 6 months and are very glad to be finally announcing the contents of this update!

Just some minor useful links:
  - Texture Pack Full (1.13): COMING SOON!
  - Support us on Patreon:

New Builds

Innsbruck is now underway with a cathedral and the beginnings of shops and rentable housing. Soon this will be a bustling town where we estimate completion of the town will be before the launch of 2.4.0 (the next content expansion).

We're also working on an open pit coal mine that will offer better ores and better coal. We're sure that everyone would put these new resources to good use, crafting stronger armour for our newly minted boss fight mechanic.


Speaking of new metals and armours, we're adding around 3 sets of metallic armours into the game to fill in some more niches that the current sets do not address.

Here is a preview of one of the new sets:

Greaves are now fully operational and can be crafted, to equip it simply open our custom equipment menu and equip it into the relevant slots (pieces of armour that occupy vanilla slots can still be equipped directly in inventory).

We will also be introducting shields into the server though this might be 1 - 2 weeks after the content update, shields instead of adding flat defence stats to your character, can be used to execute a block which will trigger your attack cooldown but will provide a short window of time where there is a chance to block an attack. This should add an element of skill to combat and also provide more of a challenge in PvP.

If this mechanic is abusable, we will be probably implementing something that randomizes NPC attack intervals, to be less predictable.

Some armours have been renamed to reflect their textures.

Champion Challenges

For those that played in the previous few weeks would have experienced the ability to challenge champions to a fight. These champions are hard to take down and need decent gear and supplies as well as friends.

After feedback, we decided to scale Ser Prised to a medium tier champion instead of entry tier champion as the fight was taking too long, the now recommended level for Ser Prised is Lv. 50.

In case you missed the event, here is a video:

Instead we will be introducing an assassin archetype boss as the entry level champion, defeating champions will award Abandoned Vault Keys to the players that contributed the most to the fight as well as random other goodies.

We have also implemented skills to champions such as AoE sweeps, AoE knockback, Stun, Poison and Bleed (and made the relevant items that cures Poison and Bleed)

Abandoned Vaults

Abandoned Vaults are the vaults found in most banks (Iron Doors), using an Abandoned Vault Key on the vault door will award you with the relevant items.

Keys can be gained from various sources from non-combat and combat activities but the most common way in which you will receive them will be from Champions (Combat) and completing Treasure Clues (Non-Combat).

Treasure Clues will require you to solve a series of clues and will involve a myrid of activities before finding where the NPC has hidden their key. Clue Fragments can be attained from activities such as combat (drops), pickpocketing, fishing (caskets) and woodcutting (birdnests), and can be activated and added to your quest list.

Quests Overhaul

Quests have been overhauled with a much more reliable saving and loading system that protects against database corruption. This should solve all our old issues of quests resetting themselves.

The new GUI is also very efficient in tracking what you are going to do, and what you have done.

We are also adding support for icons to float above NPC heads if they are part of a quest or have a quest available as well as an all available quests GUI to make questing easier.

We plan to implement 2-3 more quests including a quest that allows you to rank up from Serf to Peasant in the 2.3.0 release.

Ranking Up

Ranking up will be a feature that will be available in 2.3.0. Ranking up offers various benefits such as prestige, the right to rent better housing types, and in the future land deeds (player owned land) and companion amount.


Houses will be available for renting in 2.3.0 in all currently built locations apart from Innsbruck. This includes houses that include farmland in the farming valley.

Rent Customization

You will be able to customize your rental with our new powerful hotspots system, furnaces will be removed from all houses and you will have to build them. There are block restrictions on what can go where and larger housing units will even have room to build a work station of your choosing that only you can use.

For example in this screnshot, you can place workstations where brown wools are in build mode, stoves where red wool are and fixtures/decor where blue wool are.

This brings up to our there new skills: Construction, Farming and Firemaking

New Skills

Firemaking will allow you to make fires in the wild and cook your food due to furnaces being rentals only and only being able to use your own furnace (and some very scarce public ones)

The chance to burn food on an open fire will be higher than the chance of burning food on a stove. Fires made from better woods burn longer.

Heres what open fires will look like:

Construction will allow you to process better woods and build better furniture serving as both an aethestic purpose and providing actual benefits to your rental or in the future player owned region such as "Luxurious Oven" which reduces burn chance and other fixtures that will either provide you with resources and items periodically or provide a boost to levelling activities or be storage facilities.

Here is a small example of what furniture will look like (no texture pack required, server sided):

Farming this long awaited feature will allow you to till farmland and plant seeds in the relevant farm plot. This will be most efficient at higher levels, planting rarer herbs and would be the only reliable way to have a stable supply of herbs used in high level potions necessary for champions and dungeons.

Here is a small demonstration of farming below (note still lots of polish to do):

We have converted Hofsteden Hamlet to support farming plots by replacing a lot of the vegetable with arable land.

Custom Enchants

Custom enchants are rare enchants that can be found on items such as chance to catch double the fish, mine double the ore and chance to smelt less coal for example.

These will be found primarily from boss fights, ultra rare drops an abandoned vaults. Most of these items will have durability.

Inventory Crafting

We now support launching of our custom recipes from the vanilla crafting menu in your inventory, this means simple tasks like knocking up a crate, crushing bone into bonemeal and making fertilizer will be available as an inventory craft, it is useful to think of the crafting grid as "Use X with Y" function...for example applying Weapon Poison to your dagger:

Ambient / Environment Improvements

We have improved ambience and environment through the introduction of fish swarms in water (also to denote where higher chance to catch fish are).

Playlists have been overhauled to play in appropriate regions and at appropriate times, for example night time songs will only play during nights and alpine songs will only play in alpine regions. We have also implemented some ambient sounds to increase immersion (once again server sided):


We have hired several artists to create skins for us, so expect to see much more NPCs and mobs for 2.3.0 (new mobs will be in the area of 20ish)

Heres a preview on some:

Stability Improvements

We have improved the reliability of our saving systems, loading times and hosting. This all translates to faster logins, less latency and lag and less chance of losing items.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the day this content update launches!

Behind the Scenes - December

Hegemon Owner posted Nov 27, 18

Hello everyone!

We're saving this week's main announce for November 30 in our 2.3.0 update post, however due to the traditional of not missing a single Behind the Scenes post, we are shifting December's post forward.

This is an announcement of an announcement.

On November 30 we will be announcing the launch of content update 2.3.0
This is our biggest content update in history and covers many quality of life updates and game features that have been requested for a long time.

We apologise for the delay but one of our senior programmers was extremely sick and as a result we had to push back the date of this release.

In other news we are agressively expanding the art team and have recruited 3 new artists to work on skins and other 2D assets.

Looking forward to announcncing to everyone and showing screenshots of everything, we have been working on this update for over 5 months!

Behind the Scenes - November

Hegemon Owner posted Nov 5, 18

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the late post, this actually wasn't planned this time but things have been so hectic with updates and new features as well as project management it completely slipped my mind we entered a new month.

Shameless advertisement first of all, for the price of 1 - 2 coffees per week, you could really support our development by subscribing using the $20 option / month (plus a nifty Discord tag)! We post exactly every month what your contribution is spent on so you know how you are directly assisting with the development! 

Patreon Link:

There is a stretch goal which once reached will result in us streaming development every weekend for several hours! Immediate goals would be to basically get a full time artist to work on skins, armour assets and textures.

But this has worked out quite well for us considering that we had an open weekend last weekend to give everyone a sneak peek of incoming 2.2.0 features. Everyone that made it had great fun beating (or dying) to the boss and playing around with rusty keys for opening abandoned vaults with!

The boss was balanced using our new combat formula, and all the mobs will be balanced and implemented using the new formula by next weekend. The formula is much more robust and even low levels stand a chance of hitting the boss and the boss being able to make his way through even tougher armour rather than a complete mitigation. The kill time took approximately 12 minutes which is also an ideal time frame for an instance or boss based activity, all in all we are very pleased how this turned out and the fight will not need rebalancing.

Valuable feedback including giving the boss more skills and that is indeed our plan, starting with simple things like chance to do AOE attacks, or do knockbacks with future bosses potentially able to stun you, poison you or cause bleeding.

For Ser Prised we will be adding a sweep attack for him which deals AOE damage, this should be in within 2 weeks time. Other bosses we plan on adding for 2.2.0 will utilize things such as poison, knockback and more!

Heres a more detailed video below on the process:

This last month we also introduced crafting grid recipes which is akin to "use item with item" and will serve as the basis of many recipes that do not need crafting stations. We also released the much anticipated custom enchants system and many of those that turned up for the boss fight managed to loot a mould that uses less coal.

You will be able to get these custom enchant items amongst other goodies from abandoned vaults, bosses and in the future instances. Here is a short video demonstrating the system as well as dynamic lighting:

Durabiliy is also now a thing for custom enchantment items, we are planning to extend this to weapons and armours (but not normal tools) to increase economy supply and demand mechanics.

Instead of listing what we plan on doing this month in our Behind the Scenes like we traditionally do, this month's plan will be in a 2.2.0 version changelog/update that will be within the coming two weeks. 

Stay tuned!

Weekend Plan

Hegemon Owner posted Nov 1, 18

Hello everyone!

1.13 is steaming along successfully and we should be done at the end of this weekend, but instead of closing and not opening again, we'll open this weekend and give everyone a chance to gather gear, level up before allowing the testing of a boss fight and custom enchantments feature.

Check Discord announcements for exact times!
(Server is still on 1.12.2 for this weekend)

2 bugs to fix before we open this weekend
i agree. you guys put in so much work for us <3
Just wanted to say I appreciate you guys working hard for us!
Jakub check discord daily
This week will be a weekday opening due to WE 2.0 delays
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