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Economy - New Shops!

Hegemon Owner posted Dec 9, 17

This week we implemented the first batch of new shops that adhere to the new economy formulas discussed here: Economy Update Manifesto where skills were seperated into gathering, processing, combat and artisan, with gathering making the most early, processing mid & late, artisan late game whilst losing money early game.

With the expected value that we expect players to earn, we also added modifiers to shops themselves where:

  • If the NPC consumes that material, for example blacksmith consumes ores and fuels, the price modifier will be higher
  • If the NPC produces the material, the amount they are willing to pay for it are less
  • If the NPC is a merchant and deals in that particular good, there will just be light buy/sell margins that the merchant profits form

Here are screenshots of batch one of the new shops, blacksmith now buys ores, fuel and sells ingots as well as tools.

The fishmonger has turned into a fish merchant (new skin too) who buys a wide variety of fish and fishcrates (we also implemented crayfish, a new fishing method and also crayfish recipes).

And of course, everyone's favourite NPC the Quartermaster has recieved a full shop revamp, he now buys a wide variety of food and equipment that militia uses. Next weekend we will further expand his shop to buy equipment for militia who use ranged weapons.

The prices of weapons and armours are a good example of how much money artisan skills such as weaponsmithing and armoursmithing loses early game, you would be literally burning money to level it with a high opportunity cost, but definitely worthwhile in the long run!


We'll be balancing combat and the prices of the various carcasses and also humanoid NPC drops this coming week, batch two of new shops will include:

General Store, Vegetable Stall, Barmaid, Butcher and Pelt Trader.

Behind the Scenes - December

Hegemon Owner posted Dec 1, 17

It is finally December! We are looking forward to a period of high productivity as soon as our development team finish off with exams and such. This past month we've been mainly continuing to balance the economy and mobs, however after 3 weeks of 5hrs a day staring at spreadsheets I took a much needed break to work on buildings:

In December we're working on the following areas:
- Finishing polishing of World Engine 2.0 and testing
- Starting on Citizenry 2.0
- Full implementation of Leatherworking
- Full implementation of mobs and shops
- Construction of outlying Alpine Hamlets
- Implementation of Ingame Music

We've picked up 2 part-time and 1 full-time skin artist and 1 full-time developer recently to help speed things up.

New Mechanic
Tourney Grounds

Those with sharp eyes might have noticed a large development on our map, the construction of a Tourney Ground, the mechanics will be as follows:

- The arena is PvP enabled
- The arena contains high level hard mobs
- The mobs do not drop items
- You may speak to the Lord of Burg Hofsteden based on amount of defeated enemies to claim rewards

This should add some spice to the server in terms of money making and combat content, as well as open up PvP options for more combat orientated players.

Quality of Life Update

As most of you have at some point in the server have tried traversing the mountain in an attempt at a shortcut to get to the mines, we have implemented a tunnel from the lake edge that leads directly to the mines. The tunnel has a few tin and copper deposits in it too.

Lore: Surveyors found promising traces of valuable ores in the hills opposite Schonsee Village, however after further excavation the ores were found to be marginal. Instead of letting the labour go to waste, the trial excavation was turned into a tunnel linking the mines with the lake.

The mouth of the tunnel is a hut with an old man, the quest will soon be implemented where helping the old man will result in very interesting it rumoured he has a powerful pickaxe but is now too old for the mines...

In other construction news, one night I came home, ready to balance mobs and prices, but was so sick of it and thought to myself: I will take a short 5 minute building break, well that break turned into 2hrs and we accidentally have a tavern:

In other news, new skin completed by one of our new skin artists, the Butcher is a key quest NPC

Economy Updates

Hegemon Owner posted Nov 12, 17

You guys might be wondering about the lack of updates lately, but I assure you its due to us working on behind the scenes / backend stuff that doesn't directly translate to ingame content (yet) for example, for mining we had to build 12 different formulas that applies to ores and pickaxes to have them conform to our gulden/hour earnt based on level and skill type balance.

Mining Changes

It is now much easier to get ores with our new formulas, and ores can be sold directly to blacksmiths. At Lv. 30 Mining using a Cast Iron Pickaxe, a player should be able to mine and bank 668 ores/hr and attain 3 gems/hr. Yielding a total of 47.42 guldens.

With all the hardcore math and file upon file of excel sheets (mostly) out of the way we can start translating all these backend resources into actual game content for everyone to see and enjoy. The economy has been completely redesigned from the ground up to be far more dynamic, encourage player trade, encourage long term planning and adding diversity to the various skills.

There are now 4 types of skills:

- Gathering Skills
- Processing Skills
- Artisan Skills
- Combat Skills

The main economy changes is how much each skill makes money at low levels.

Gathering Skills
Skills such as mining, woodcutting, fishing and farming. These skills require no raw material investment apart from ownership of the relevant tool. Gathering skills start of at a lower guldens/hr compared to to processing skills but scale much faster at lower levels, achieving parity very early (~Lv.4).

However, the guldens/hr increases suffers from diminishing returns and does not carry well into the late game.

Processing Skills
These are skills/recipes where products are refined into secondary raw materials, for example churning butter, making bowstrings, smelting and tanning leather. Although the starpoint of processing skills is higher, it loses out early-mid game to processing skills as the increases of income/hr as you level is smaller than processing, however by mid-late game (~Lv. 60), the exponantial increases of increased income gained starts significantly beating out gathering skills especially at late game, this is a fitting reward for investing in processing skills (training them at a loss earlier)

Artisan Skills
These are really interesting skills and you could consider them the craftsman type skills such as leatherworking, tinkering, armoursmithing, weaponsmithing and fletching. These skills start off at a negative income/hr due to the resources consumed for lower level recipes being worth more than the end products. The rate at which Artisan skill income scales is the greatest out of the three skills, but due to starting at a hefty -85 guldens/hour it takes significant time and investment to reap the rewards.

The income cap for this skill is the highest out of the three skills, and that is only if you sell to shops, selling top end masterwork weapons to players is where the real money comes in, this is realistic due to traditionally the best craftsman in society have a monopoly on top products and it is really a seller's market.

Combat Skills
Combat skills start off similar to processing skills, decaying in the mid-game compared to processing and artisan skills, before exponantially increasing with a final settling point somewhere between processing and artisan skills.

This spike in income growth / level comes from the player being able to tackle late game content and farming the super rare drops and items that cannot be crafted.

Overall these different skills creates supply and demand for raw materials and competition to level high enough in Artisan and Processing skills to turn a greater profit than simply mining or combat.

Looking forward to everyone's feedback on this economy change!

Nicohachedeh Where is the ip?

Behind the Scenes - November

Hegemon Owner posted Nov 6, 17

Apologies for this news post being almost a week late, we were so occupied in developing new content with our new mechanics that we totally forgot about this post and thought that we had already written one!

As we're really busy and excited to going back to adding in features (for example today we're loading in a couple of new songs to the game, creating mobs, rebalancing economy and such) we're going to keep this month's post relatively short and picture heavy.

This week we will be working on completing the details on the lake village, adding another path to a hunting hamlet, implementing all the shops even if skins are not ready (we will use placeholder skins) and introducing a bunch of cool and interesting mobs.

The next step is terraforming the valley with a variety of trees including birch, oak, yew as well as more hemp locations by the riverside. The next step is creating a cheese making hamlet in the alps, some more lore related locations in the alps and then our major focus: redoing Innsbruck.

There will be a more detailed economy balance related news coming out in a few days.

Music and Plugin Progress

Hegemon Owner posted Oct 29, 17

The music plugin has been roughly completely, we are adding some dynamic elements that will allow music to be played based on what you are doing ingame, this combined with your location, time of day and weather will add to a hugely immersive experience.

World Engine 2.0 is almost complete we will be uninstalled World Guard soon, and are in the process of designing the rental system that will allow players to customize their rooms.

Anyways here are two completed pieces: "Schönsee" and "Secluded River"

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