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Behind the Scenes - January

By Hegemon Owner - Posted Dec 30, 17

Seems just like yesterday we wished everyone a happy new year in a Behind the Scenes post, we've come a long way, one year ago we were just starting to work on our custom currency system with custom models based on stacksize.

What we have planned for this January is mainly still backend stuff such as creating our own mob AI and animations, creating our own regioning and region protecting system, which then can be made into nifty features such as:

- Different resources for the same block depending on region (eg Wheat can be Barley)
- Much smoother NPC behaviour and interactions
- Renting

It also paves the way for us to implement our Companions, Mounts and Fief system. So all in all lots to come!
In the previous few days we have implemented the following:

- Salt can now be mined
- Chickens Implemented
- Chickens lag eggs
- Marmots reimplemented
- Seasoning Stall, Butcher, Pelt Trader shops implemented
- Overhauled bank

We'll be adding the following content this month also:

- Fur based armour
- Boots (boost movespeed)
- Fur armour custom textures
- Hares
- Militia as well as 5-10 other types of humanoid mobs
- Leatherworking Recipes
- Potion Recipes
- Gem Trader
- Travelling Merchant
- Bank Vault unlocking quests

We plan on having the village at Lake Schonsee completely filled with spawns and NPCs, we're currently about 4-5 skins away from doing so.

To be more newcomer friendly we will be making signposts and more paths between settlements!

Looking forward to another great year with everyone!


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