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Server Holiday Period Opening

By Hegemon Owner - Posted Dec 26, 17

Server will be open during the holiday period until 03 Jan 2018, however as we're working on things still there might be frequent restarts to implement and test new content, we will try do these in set maintenance hours or when there are less people on to minimize disruption.

Custom Armour Textures
We have implemented custom armour textures, you can now tell at a glance what armour a person is wearing and change your weapon accordingly.

You need:
- Server Texture Pack (Full)
- Optifine

In order to see these textures, otherwise they will just be vanilla textures.
You can get Optifine and the server texture packs here: Texture Pack Thread

Server Maintenance for the next 12hrs
Haven't been here in a while.
Nope it's still
Did the server adress change?
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