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Update Complete

By Hegemon Owner - Posted Dec 24, 17

The server maintenance has finished during which:

- Fixed Timeout Issue
(Now takes 1 second to log into server)
- New Bank
- Implemented new Gulden Deposit/Withdraw Method for bank
- Implemented Ctrl+Click for bank
- Implemented Halving Stacks for bank
- Implemented Hold Stack Right Click for bank
- Implemented vault limit
- Implemented premium vaults
- Migrated old bank to new bank database

Vaults can be unlocked and upgraded to premium via questing.
Players begin with 4 vaults unlocked and can through questing acquire 6 vaults and 1 vault upgrade.

New bank video coming soon!

Server Maintenance for the next 12hrs
Haven't been here in a while.
Nope it's still
Did the server adress change?
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