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What We're Working On

Hegemon Owner posted Sun at 2:48

Hello everyone, 

Small update on what we're currently working on:

Builds wise we are sneaking time to work on Innsbruck here and there, we're glad to announce that Innsbruck Town Hall has been completed as well as a small section of the Inns River (where the Town Hall is).

We'll be working on various other structures in Innsbruck as well as new Alpine Hamlets at the same time as well as a very cool Monastry high up in the mountains where the monks farm their own hops and brew various alcohol! (We'll be adding more Alcohol into the game too)

Plugin wise heres a quick summary on what is getting completed late this weekend:

- Renting
- Rent Customization (Furniture/Decor)
- Custom Tablist (Displays your levels too)
- Sitting / Sleeping on things

Here are what we are working on this coming week:

- Tournament Arena
- Treasure Trails System
- Custom Equip Slots
- Toolbelt System
- Custom Enchants (eg chance to mine 2x the coal)
- Boss Summoning

Looking forward to lots of content next weekend!

Here are some more townhall screenshots:

Behind the Scenes - March

Hegemon Owner posted Mar 2, 18

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the delayed behind the scenes for this month but we wanted to get everything we wanted in, and everything we have planned confirmed before we announce them

First of all, yesterday we completed our world expansion, extending the world by an area of 1,000 x 2,000 blocks. The Alpine regions have been extended east-wards and the alps have also been extended on the southern part of the map, enlarging the valley for our first town build: Innsbruck.

World Expansion - Full Image

Above labelled are the currently planned settlements that and structures in this new area.
Here is a screen we took of Innsbruck now new building site's backdrop:

Expect more details of our build schedule and screenshots closer to the end of the month as there are still thousands of trees to plant (if interested in helping paste trees send us a ping no Discord!)

Content - March

We have lots of code planned for March and here are is the tentative schedule:

Week One:

- Rental System
- World Engine 2.0
- Trade Fixes
- Custom Equipment GUI
- Tool Belt

Week Two:

- Custom Enchants (eg Chance to mine an extra ore)
- Editing Rental Furniture
- Tournament Grounds

Week Three:

- Custom Tablist Displaying Skills
- Treasure Hunting

Week Foour:

- Custom Farming
- Big Farming Update (seeds, recipes and farm plots)
- Combat Overhaul (complete rebalance)

Looking forward to a productive month with you all!

Love is in the air

Hegemon Owner posted Feb 24, 18

Hello everyone!

Apologies for the delay but our Valentines event is finally online, there are 5 bonquets you can collect and these rewards will not be repeated in their current form! The event will be online this weekend and next weekend.

The quest can be started at (175, 72, 200) - Flower Girl and is repeatable while the event is on.
It is repeatable and which bonquet you recieve is completely randoml so it might take awhile to collect it all!

Heres some screenshots of the Bonquets:

Hello hello everyone!

The last 2 weeks have been absolutely hectic, we've got so much done I don't even know where to start. But a quick summary:

New Quests: A Head Start (Part One), Bank Expansion (Part One), Valentines 2018 Event Quest

A Head Start is an interesting quest which you start with the Schonsee Innkeeper, it requires Lv. 15 Combat Level and the quest reward is Ale Yeast, which combined with newly implemented General Store's hops, apples, apple mush players for the first time can get drunk in the server!

As everyone was running out of bank slots, we implemented a quest to expand your maximum vaults by 1, hope you all enjoy that too!

Quests that are currently in the works:

- A Head Start (Part Two)
- A Job styled daily Militia quest
- An Old Man's Predicament

All will be as immersive and intrigueing as The Steward's Assistant


We recruited a few highly talented Skin and 2D/3D Artists and due to that, our progress NPCs wise (previous chokepoint was skins) as well as custom items are going very smoothly, this has allowed us to implement Cheese Seller, Milkmaid, Beekeeper, Herblist, General Store Keeper and many more!

Also some NPCs making a comeback after a long period away: Potters

And here are the beautiful new item sprites! (Available in full texture pack + optifine)


Potions are now crafteable, you will need to buy a tool from the Herblist down in Telfs (Farming Village)

We have lots coming this month despite there being only 4 days of the month left, we have lots planned still and with an expanded and energetic team we definitely will get many more core features in the next month, everything will be announced in the upcoming Behind the Scenes post.

Tomorrow we will write about the Valentines Event, stay tuned!

Hochhügel Village

Hegemon Owner posted Feb 9, 18

Hochhügel Village is the latest village we have completed, here is an overdue timelapse! The village was built in a record 3 days (Farming Village took 3months for example).

The village mainly relies on income from pelts, hides and leather goods, being high in the alps, this plateau village has a very harsh temperature. If it weren't for the tavern few would brave the miserable conditions for a chance at riches through hunting and trapping animals.

The surrounding hills are filled with wild animals with valuable pelts...should you be strong enough to tackle them and include:

- Alpine Martens
- Alpine Lynx
- Alpine Wolf
- Ibex

Surrounding Hamlets such as a cheese making hamlet eck out a survival in these otherwise barren hills.
(NPCs will be added for this area shortly).

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